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custom slogans  for any car - making your car as individual as you are
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Slogan designs in any single colour for your Bodywork, or can be supplied reverse cut to apply in your rear windscreen.....above are a few samples from stock.....or we can make up your own....simply choose from the ten styles shown above and we will do the rest!

Other Slogans in stock:  DON'T PANIC!  :  GIRLS RULE OK!  :  BACK OFF! : STRIPPER ON BOARD  :  CUTE A*  :  QUICK HEH!  :  HOT TOOL! :  NO FEAR  :  I'M STREET WISE  :  KISS MY ***  :  NO LIMITS

We can supply these slogans in two sizes (A) 275mm x 80mm or (B) 550mm x 160mm

(Remember we can adapt the height or length to suit at no extra cost)

After you have decided on the Colour (-white or yellow is best for Glass!)

Select any of the styles above for your slogan . . . . or email us your style - then Choose upto 16 letters for your message . . . . . These will be supplied in Capitals unless you advise diferently.

275mm x 80mm £9.00 each (order code CSA plus numer of style)  or £15.00 for two
550mm x 160mm £12.00 each  (order code CSB plus numer of style) or £20.00 for two

We can also now supply in clear crystal for glass application at same prices

Apart from Slogans it can be any message, name etc. . . .  but be aware not to place these graphics in areas where they may impead the drivers vision
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